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What do you want to know about getting the pay raise, promotion and recognition that you deserve at work?

Arm wrestlingEver since starting this blog, most of the discussions I have circle around the topic of excellence at work: doing your best work, being focused, working efficiently and effectively, saving time, making your boss happy, etc.

What I noticed in several discussions is that many people in corporate environments do not feel that they get the appreciation they think they deserve. Also, they often feel underpaid with respect to the work that they deliver, and are not entirely clear why they are not earning what they think they should earn. I even wrote an article about this last week.

My answer to that is “Make sure that you are doing great work at your job and ask for what you think you deserve.” And I feel that there is a lot of resistance to ask for a raise, to discuss the topic of money, and to risk being rejected.

So in order to help better, I want to know what burning questions you have about this. Just fill out the form below!


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