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Hello World!

You just gotta love this title. It’s cheesy and epic at the same time. So this is how I want to start it all… a little cheesy (here comes blog number 1 trillion 458 million 139 thousand 612 in the world) and epic.

This is me, just luring out words onto a page, starting with words (link to fizzle).

I came here to say something, and even though I am not completely sure yet what it is exactly, I know that it is there. It is in me. I’ve been wanting to build a (personal) blog for such a long time, and this feeling has come up again and again and again over the years. So there must be something, and probably this site itself is the best way to find out what it is.

I hope you bear with me as a I embark on this journey.

Why am I doing this? I’m clearer on that part. Because I want to share something with the world. Because I know that I am good at structuring information and making them understandable to other people. That I am good at explaining.

And I know that I care about some things. I read more about them than other people, I watch more videos about them, I listen to more podcasts about them.

My favorite topics that will be covered are

  • Personal development
  • Personal productivity
  • Entrepreneurship (especially the solo online kind)
  • Passive income (especially the online type)
  • Making sense of life and work

So this site is both for me and for you. For me, because it’s a passion project. As a general rule of thumb I tend to think too much about things and not do them quickly and often enough. So this is my doing. My writing. Which I have been wanting to do for a longer time and never really quite did. Picturing myself as a writer but never writing. So maybe I don’t like it. Maybe I hate blogging and this thing will die. I’m fine with that (at least I think so) if it makes me stop thinking about becoming a writer and blogger. But maybe I will grow to love it and I have just been thinking about it too much instead of just going out to do it.

But foremost of all: this site is for you, and about you. There is so much to learn from all the content other people have created in the world, and it is so hard to filter through all the noise out there. So let me try to be your filter. I want to share what I read, and what I find great. Because sharing is caring.

And because I see one problem with most of the material out there: It doesn’t help people to take action. And that’s where I want to get better, and help you to become better. To not only consume and think “Uhmm, that’s interesting.” And then life goes on, and you to do list, and your boss, and your coffee happens to get in the way of becoming a better person by actually implementing any of the stuff that you have read and watched. Taking action is the big secret, and that’s where I want to put my focus as well.

So this is it. My first post.

Talk soon,

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