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How to accelerate your way to success by modeling others

Have you ever wanted to learn something new? Have you ever been frustrated by the slow progress of trial and error in a new endeavor? Or have ever been looking for shortcuts to make something work much faster? Then this is for you. What is modeling? Modeling basically means taking someone (or something) as a […]

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Addicted to Facebook? Cure yourself with these tools and regain control of your time

Have you ever consciously asked yourself… How much time per week do you spend on Facebook? What percentage of the content on Facebook is really relevant to your life – meaning it makes you happy, is informative or brings you interesting updates from people you care about? How happy does checking Facebook make you? When […]

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Can’t keep up? Use this magic question to simplify getting your email inbox to zero

One of the things I see people (and myself!) struggling with most consistently is email. Particularly, due to the flood of emails many professional receive each day, they spend all day in their inbox: sorting, reading, trying to figure out to-dos, processing, reading new mails that arrive in between, answering, reading new emails, etc. This […]

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